Lost in the Ether

I feel lost. For awhile I’ve felt this way but now more than ever. We are living in a world with endless information at our fingertips. But so much of that information is spun with a biased lense or presented in a way that dances around the hard facts. Journalists won’t publish an article that makes someone on their side look bad but will have no problem spinning a story to trash the opposition. We are at each other’s throats and the media is fueling the firey rage. Spinning stories for views like a child acting out for attention. Polarizing us more than ever. Commonality in the fundamentals of our society is quickly slipping away.

For many years I have been so frustrated with the lack of unbiased sources, I shut myself off from mainstream news outlets. I simply couldn’t handle reading articles I wasn’t sure were real or not. I turned to other outlets such as podcasts, independently run news websites and studied geology which completely changed the way I see the world. I am neither a democrat nor republican, I don’t believe in a traditional God, I own a fire arm, support legalizing marijuana, I think you should be able to marry whoever you want, be whoever you want, believe whatever you want and say whatever you want (assuming it doesn’t hurt anyone). I want people to be happy and I mean that whole heartedly. That feeling of happiness is amazing, everyone deserves to have and experience it. I also love this country; I truly do with all my heart. As someone who often feels tribeless, this is one tribe I am forever proud to be a part of. But I see so many ugly things happening. We are losing control and we deserve better. Those who fought to give us this unbelievably fortunate life would be ashamed to see what we have turned it into. There have been a few times this year I’ve lost faith and thought there is no coming back from the destruction we are causing to the economy, country, planet and civilization.  Then I stumble upon a person that is fighting the good fight in whatever way that may be. Reminding me how resilient we truly are. We may be facing one of our biggest challenges yet as a species, but think about how far we’ve come from the days of living in caves. I have faith in us.

I decided to start this blog as a way to help myself work through my thoughts and opinions. To share some of my wild experiences with the only expectation that this gets lost in the ether amongst the ramblings of many other confused souls like myself. But if you do happen to stumble upon this, know that everything I’m saying comes from a kind heart. I mean no offence and no harm. If you disagree with me then write me and tell me why. I would like to learn and be challenged. This existence is temporary, so let’s make the absolute best of it.


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