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The beginnings

Code Purple

I found myself paralleling a hearse on the highway earlier this week as I was driving home. I quickly realized it wasn’t just anyone inside that coffin but the body of a fireman killed in the line of duty. As we traveled up interstate 91 together, I watched hundreds of firefighters salute their fallen brotherContinue reading “Code Purple”


I’ve been struggling a lot lately but I knew these dark times were coming. It’s trippy when you see a rough road ahead and all you can do is buckle up, hold on and hope you make it through. I took a hard fall a little over two months ago that required surgery. The secondContinue reading “Falling”

The Big Bang

There are many unknowns about the history of Earth, but then again there are many unknowns about pretty much everything. I feel the more I learn, the less I know. What a tricky dichotomy. Before delving into the beginnings of Earth I think it is important to give a hat tip to the most widelyContinue reading “The Big Bang”