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The beginnings

The Big Bang

There are many unknowns about the history of Earth, but then again there are many unknowns about pretty much everything. I feel the more I learn, the less I know. What a tricky dichotomy. Before delving into the beginnings of Earth I think it is important to give a hat tip to the most widelyContinue reading “The Big Bang”


It’s true that time moves faster the older we get. Although we’re not quite sure why. One hypothesis states the rate we process visual information slows down as we get older, giving us the illusion time is speeding up. This is a bit confusing because time is a created construct. As we evolved this constructContinue reading “Time”

My Christmas Wish

For Christmas every year a puppy was at the top of my list. I would daydream about the moment in the weeks leading up to the big day. Waking up, walking down the hallway and finding a chocolate brown puppy wrapped in a red bow under the tree. I quickly learned that dream was neverContinue reading “My Christmas Wish”